Riding the Storm Out

Micki's Delirium

I was running one of the new quests released in Update 39 (Plume Mountain) and happened to get Celestial Beacon. Noticing the Hallowed effect on this item, and Thaz recently redoing her gear, I started wondering if I could turn the skellies in RSO. I had also read about the enhancement “Mighty Turning” in Radiant Servant.

My first try I went in solo, using the stick. I couldn’t kill the skellies. I recalled and adjusted my points in Radiant Servant to get Mighty Turning and tried again. This time the skellies died. I went back in on hard and couldn’t kill the skellies, so I swapped two gear items, belt and neck to get Legendary Dawn’s Herald-Charm (swapped to con belt not to lose con) and tried again. This time the non orange skellies died on hard. On normal I was able to kill oranged named…

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