D&D Workshops: Creating Immersive Descriptions…Even if you Don’t Read Fantasy

Scriv the Bard

The first session of our D&D Storytelling Workshop Series was a hit!!

In case you missed it, a bit of background: I have created a three-workshop series for local children, focused on developing the storytelling skills that will help them become Dungeon Masters for their own games at home.

Workshop One focused on setting a foundation for storytelling (we discussed the concepts of plot, action, dialogue, narrative, etc.) and creating immersive descriptions for a variety of settings while using as many of the Five Senses as they could.

*I will note here that I am using the term “setting” to describe a specific location or environment in which an event occurs, not worldbuilding as a whole*

I’ll post the notes and details of the workshop separately…for now, I’d like to focus in on a question from one of the participants: a mother who wanted to learn about D&D with her young…

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