From the DM’s Chair: Session 5, Apostasy


Robert ‘Rabbie’ Burns was a Scottish Poet from Aryshire born in the second half of the 18th Century. Now, I mainly know of this poet through some of my family that live in Scotland and one time when they mentioned ‘Rabbie Night’, they told me all about the festival commemorating a great Scottish poet. The reason why I’m mentioning this here is even if you haven’t ever heard of Burns, chances are you know at least part of his work. It was from one of Burns poems, To a Mouse, that we get the famous phrase: ‘The best laid plans of mice and men’. The complete statement of this quote is followed by ‘Gang aft agley’, which simply means ‘often goes wrong’. The sentiment is a familiar one to people in general, on par with the principle of ‘Murphy’s Law’: things that can go wrong will go wrong.

From a…

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