PLAY Expo London 2018: the trouble with retro games

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When we attended Rezzed in April, we noticed an increase in the number of narrative games on display. This was a great thing for me as I love to get my teeth into a release with a good story but possibly not such a good thing for an expo. These quieter titles tend to get lost among the stands of bright lights, loud sounds, over-enthusiastic PR staff and free merchandise; and there’s a chance for some excellent work to get overlooked.

I noticed something else which may not be entirely suited to gaming shows while at the PLAY Expo in London last weekend: retro games. This may seem a weird thing to say considering PLAY promotes itself as being a ‘celebration of gaming’ and makes a huge selection of arcade cabs, pinball machines, and computers and consoles covering the past 40 years available to its attendees. The expo…

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