Hero Kids: Introducing D&D to my children

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The other day I was thinking about how much I wish I had a D&D group when I was a kid (or heck, even now), and that made me realize that I have a potential party of roleplayers right under my roof. I got fascinated with the idea of introducing pen-and-paper roleplaying to my kids to see how they’d take to it — and to spend some quality time playing a game we all enjoyed.

So I polled friends and did some research on what a good introductory PnP game would be for kids ages 5-9. There were a few interesting suggestions, but I ultimately landed on Hero Kids.  It turned out to be a perfect choice and affordable as well. I bought the entire bundle of print-it-yourself materials — which included the core rulebook, over a dozen campaigns, five packs of heroes, two packs of pets, and one…

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