Origin Story: The Story of Hephaestas, Part 5

Heph's Forge

“Oh you’re magnificent. ” the Warforged Artificer exclaimed as he finally finished the three clockwork creatures. “I’ll name you two Perdix and Icarus,” he said to the two Defenders, crafted in the likeness of canine forms. “And you, ya little fireball,” he began to the miniature golem, who was currently busy beating up the remnants of a lifeless Modron form Hephaestas had planned to one day study. “You shall be called Daedalus, and aid me in my workshop.” The pint-sized golem turned and looked at his creator, gave a questioning look (as much as a featureless golem can) and bounced over to him. “Yes, very good, bounce around my little friend. I’ll begin attuning a docent for you, to better control your…abilities, before you learn all I gave you.” The smith chuckled to himself. Yeah, there certainly would be some growing pains as he and his new creations learned how…

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