Raids week 85

Micki's Delirium

Last Saturday I was almost on time for raids, I believe I logged at 5 past 9, the lfm for Baba’s was up by 9.10. By 9.18 we were in and ready to start. I had posted for R1/EE or hard depending on group, but decided on hard as we filled fast and I didn’t feel like waiting for a dedicated tank. I think the last few runs I’ve done Baba’s, I have not gotten hut aggro, but this time the aggro switched to me a few times, meaning I was lying on my back by the outer wall, throwing heals quickly for the second I was up before down again. As for split I asked Rivella to go left and let the rest choose sides. Puzzles were somewhat quick and in the end fight we again killed everything. The shamblers went down quite quickly. The raid completed in 35…

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