Into The Mind of A Video Game Journalist Plagiarist

3rd World Geeks

Filip Miucin is a douche.

The man is a lying, thieving douche who managed to get ahead in life for a long time by doing something that any writer or journalist, video game or otherwise, shouldn’t do. Filip Miucin is a douche because he copied other peoples’ hard earn work and made it seem as if it was his own. Filip Miucin is a plagiarist and has been lifting other video game reviews and written words done by other people and claiming it as he did all of it. The sad thing is he get away with it for such a long time and even managed to parlay that into getting a job at IGN.

Unfortunately for him, he got caught red handed plagiarizing one too many things. When one of the most anticipated indy games on various consoles, which included the Nintendo Switch. YouTube channel Boomstick Gaming, a rather…

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