A trip down blogging memory lane

Later Levels

Later Levels started at the end of December 2016 and since that Christmas, I’ve written 289 posts (with this one taking the honour of being 290th). I hadn’t realised it had been so many and now I’m wondering just how many words that equates to? Anyway, it’s thanks to Kelly from Why We Play Games that I’ve had a chance to take a look back through them and remember those I really enjoyed writing.

She very kindly nominated the blog, along with some other amazing writers I’m flattered to be in the company of, for a Sunshine Blogger award earlier this month. It struck me that I’d written previous articles about the subjects covered by many of the questions she posed to her nominees, so I’d thought I’d use this opportunity to take a nostalgic trip down blogging memory lane. Here are some of Later Levels’ best bits dedicated…

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