Six Caves of Chaos

Dyson's Dodecahedron

Venture with me to 1979 and my first encounters with kobolds and other darstardly goblinoids. For today we are investigating six caves (some interlinked) in the dreaded Caves of Chaos.

Kobold Caves (A) Kobold Caves (A)

The Kobolds keep themselves in a small set of caves with long tunnels – better for guerrilla engagements and to be honest, it is frightening for many low level characters to see tunnels leading off into the darkness well beyond the limits of your light sources…

Orc Caves (B & C) Orc Caves (B & C)

The two orc tribes live next door to each other, although the tribe on the right has significantly more living space within their caves. They also have the distinct downside of being closer to the floor and to the entrance of the box canyon, making them one of the most likely lairs to be attacked by raiders or adventurers. The leaders of the clans also have…

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