A Handful of Magic Items 9

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dmitry-desyatov-mad-king-jpgPicture Credit: Dmitry Desyatov

We’re almost to the double digits with the 9th installment of A Handful of Magic Items! Today we have portable portals, a ring that gives and takes, and the (potentially cursed) crown of an insane monarch. Let’s dive in!

Gatestone Portal
As an action, a creature holding the Gatestone can target any point within 60 feet of their location and drop the Gatestone onto the ground. At both the chosen point and the current location of the Gatestone a portal opens leading to the other for a duration of 1 minute. The gates can only be entered from one side, show a blurry image of what lies on the other side, and will not transport projectiles or magic targeted through the portal. Creatures attempting to stop halfway through the portal are pushed back out to the side they came from.

The portals closed after 1 minute…

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