From the DM’s Chair: Session 7, Ambuscade


When running D&D, it’s important for the players to have fun. A fact that is rarely considered alongside this is that as a Dungeon Master, you have to have fun too. The role of Dungeon Master is, in itself, a weird position. You are playing with your friends but clearly apart from them, both an ally and a enemy, a referee and a storyteller. It’s all a big balancing act with a lot of risk. You want to strive to make a equilibrium between a challenging experience and an enjoyable one. After all, D&D is still a game and a game without the possibility of loss isn’t worth playing, but a game you can’t win is similarly not worth indulging. As a DM, when I throw my antagonists at my players, I want the villains to miss their mark so our heroes can prevail.

Sometimes, however, it’s good to give…

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