From the DM’s Chair: Session 8, Alecto’s Cavern


Dungeons are a staple of not only Dungeons and Dragons but of gaming in general for untold years. From the moment Gary Gygax first put his thoughts to graph-paper, the concept of Dungeons have since bled out into a variety of video game series, creating small set areas full of dynamic action and exploration. Originally, the Dungeon was the most important feature of the game. The role-playing took a backseat to exploration and great adventures of the subterranean tunnels beneath the city of Greyhawk. The main idea for DMs was to invent new dungeons to herd your plucky band of adventurers through.

After so many years, D&D has since evolved to new role-playing ground, expanding or simplifying with every new addition. The question now is a simple one: What role does the dungeon have in the modern D&D game and how can we as Dungeon Masters best explore that?


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