Spending your Gold Pieces!

Dyson's Dodecahedron

In a lot of D&D 5e discussions, you run into people complaining about not having anything to spend their gold on if there are no magic item shops. I wrote up this list and add new items to it every time I post it to social media.

Remember that until 3e, there were no magic item shops and there was even MORE gold since in 1e and prior editions gold was basically the only source of XP. So if you had 40,000 XP, odds are you had at least 36,000 gp.

It’s not a weakness, it is part of the design of the game.

Other things to do with your gold:

  • Purchase expensive cheeses
  • Purchase expensive wines to drink with said cheeses
  • Hire someone to figure out why all your clothes aren’t already ermine-trimmed
  • Hire someone else to correct the problem
  • Hire minstrels to travel the land telling tales of…

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