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It’s been a rarity in recent years for there to be that much MMORPG news to comment on in the blogosphere, new MMO launches have been few and far between compared with the heady days when I started this blog. But the last 24 hours or so have been an avalanche of big-ticket news items for those following the genre.

Wildstar is to shutdown

I’ll start by repeating the now common knowledge that Carbine and Wildstar are to shut down. That was a gut punch, weirdly I’d only logged back into Wildstar last night to play around on a lowbie character just for the feels. Massively OP had run an article or two looking at the game and I was feeling in the mood for slightly zany Sci Fi – it’s the closest MMO to the Starfinder tabletop RPG I can think of, which is my current offline obsession.


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