D&D 101 #001 – Behind the DM Screen

Board Geek Girl

If you are one of my players, please stop reading! Let’s keep the mystery alive 😉

I’m still pretty new to being a Dungeon Master but I’ve learnt a lot this year already! I wanted to create a series to help any one interested in starting D&D, or new to being a DM, to feel less overwhelmed by it all because I know I put it off for years and really regret it!

This first post takes a look behind the DM screen, how I set up for our sessions and organise myself!

Behind the screen

I use the D&D 5e screen which has a lot of pretty useful info on the back of it, particularly helpful is the Conditions section. I also have the occasional post-it stuck to it for stuff I need to remember. I tried making one out of folders but I found it too high, I really love…

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