Workshop Notes: Passing the DM Screen

Scriv the Bard

The first series of the D&D Storytelling Workshops came to a close last weekend, with a fully customized, Scene-by-Scene one-shot in which the children had the chance to take turns acting as the DM. The adventure was inspired by the students themselves, using their ideas from the first two Workshops.

In Workshop One, they created a plot outline together: a magical murder-mystery which featured a talking bird guarding a vault filled with dwarven gold. The bird is murdered, the gold stolen, and the party must figure out who is behind it!

Workshop Two focused on incorporating perspectives when creating Player Characters (PCs) and Non-Player Characters (NPCs). By the end of this session, the students had determined what kind of talking animals work in the bank, and what their roles are.

With that, I went to work developing a unique adventure that integrated each of their ideas into a fun story…

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