D&D Dad: Creating Characters

Michael Jasper

Adventurers Guide Would you mess with this party of characters (from the cover of the Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide)?

If you have the Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set, you can just jump into the first adventure by using the pre-generated characters that came with the set. They’ve got some classic character types in there, and it’ll save you at least and hour or two of prep work.

But… It’s SO MUCH FUN to create characters in D&D!

You can use wonderful sites like D&D Beyond to create characters, but for your first few sets of characters, I personally think you should use thePlayer’s Handbook (aka the PHB), a paper character sheet, a pencil, and your dice.

Why? Because you’ll see how the sausage is made for characters. In other words, you’ll see how a series of dice rolls and stats can fill out a character in a short period of…

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