Raids week 88

Micki's Delirium

Here is the post for raids 88, which was Saturday last week. I was a bit late again, but figured it’d be fine. When I logged on Osi and a few others were waiting for raids and I got an invite. As I was about to put my lfm up I saw an lfm for baba’s, so waited for them to fill before putting my own up. The other group had posted for R1, I posted for R1/EE/EH depending on group. Once we started to fill we decided on hard, since we were a bit low on dps and I didn’t want to wait for a tank. I decided to switch to Cerge, since the party had 4 divines besides me, and I figured Cerge would do more dps to baba. As for splitting up in teams, I suggested Upload, Rivella and Nab go left, I wanted Osi and Madzombie…

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