Pace of play pressures


An MMORPG expansion lays bear a particular problem of the genre, the incessant peer pressure to be pushing forwards as fast as possible. Some games may encourage or demand this more through game systems or update schedules, but I think it’s more of a shared community issue tied to certain playstyle preferences.

The evidence for this is in the rush to level cap in most MMORPGs, or the requirement to have such high item levels so soon after the launch (e.g. 340 by launch of Uldir raid). There were videos posted less than 24 hours after the launch of Battle for Azeroth showing characters hitting level 120s. Less than a day after it came out officially for an expansion that, in theory, needs to last us around two years including the two or three more meaty patches we’re likely to get. Within a matter of days some guild members were…

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