Consequences & Dark Turns, The Sage Unending, Campaign Diary 6



The Long Bones

In what is becoming a bit of a habit, I was dragging bound prisoners through the streets of New Adtham. Once again explaining to city guard we were on ‘guild business.’ However, this time, holding up the wanted poster, we turned over to the guard the deep gnome Claagingred claiming a 2000 gold reward. We took our other prisoner straight to the Guild for interrogation but also because I felt the need to talk to Qwand sooner rather than later about what was in the gnome’s journal.

“I hear her voice. It call to me. She is pleased with my stone pit, and delighted at the people I bring in. Sometimes she guides me to entertaining entrants, sometimes she guides me to guests who would enjoy the show. She promises wealth…and I find it! Never been this wealth in the Under. Never COULD have been this…

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