From the DM’s Chair: Session 9, The Ways


We’ve all probably been there: you’re playing a video game, you’re coming to the end of the level. Finally, all of your hard-work and long sessions of thumb flicking have paid off. But, there’s still one final hurdle you have to overcome, a threat greater than any before. You step into the final room of that dungeon and watch a cut-scene as a horrifying monster prepares to attack. This is the boss-fight, it’s a staple of gaming. One could argue in Dungeons and Dragons it occurs less so. However, the narrative effect of boss fights are still at play within D&D itself: climatic clashes against an antagonistic force, which usually end in some great achievement, like magic items or extra experience. Sometimes, however, you can use the scene after a final boss to great effect in other ways. Sometimes, revelations of plot can be just as satisfying as a magic…

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