Raids week 89

Micki's Delirium

Last week Saturday I was running late and sent a message to Osi that I was. When I logged on at about a quarter past 9 pm (3 pm EDT), Osi had already started a group. Noticing that the group already had 3 divines, I decided to switch to Cerge. By 9.30 we had a full group. Since I felt we were a bit low on dps, and I again didn’t want to wait for a dedicated tank, I decided on hard. For puzzles part I wanted Osi right with me, Bruder left and Crone offered to play crow tank. Gaijya was puzzler. For right side Tahlua was tank. I, Iqos and Fleea were doing puzzles. We had a few random deaths during puzzles, but most of it was smooth. In the end fight I explained a little, we killed wisps, crows and shamblers before baba. The raid completed in…

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