Bug in Prison of the Planes

Micki's Delirium

In Prison of the Planes, after you place the orbs and pull the lever, you have a number of seconds to make it to the room before the door closes and the ramp goes away. After this you are supposed to talk to Thanuq’un to activate the end fight. But lately, the last 3 times I’ve run the quest, the end fight starts before you talk. The difference is, even though trash spawn and Thanuq’un move from his place, neither Thanuq’un nor the quorforged had a hit bar or were able to be damaged. After talking to Thanuq’un, his and the quorforged’s hp bars popped up and we could damage them.

The quest difficulty in the screenshot is R2, but I know I’ve run the quest at different difficulties with the same result.

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