Raids week 90

Micki's Delirium

On Saturday I was on time for raids for once. As I logged Osi sent me an invite, but didn’t give me the star. Instead he put up an empty lfm, and once we were down to 3 spots, he passed me lead so I could lfm. Looking at the party makeup, I decided to post for hard. The last 3 spots filled quickly and we stepped in. I was trying to organise a little, getting people to take on roles, but eventually gave up and figured we’d be fine. I’m sure Soko talks outside party chat and makes decisions that I don’t see. Puzzles went well, baba fight went well. The raid wasn’t death free, but deaths were few. When shamblers spawned we killed them and no one died in the end fight. The raid completed in 31 minutes and only 1 named item dropped: Savior, the Breaker of…

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