Answering Big Questions #011: Is Game Quality Improving?


It’s been awhile since we’ve tackled a Big Question posed by the Well-Red Mage, but I’ve seen this topic hotly debated on social media and on game forums, so I figured I should add my opinion to the sea of opinions held safely in the hands of the internet. The Well-Red Mage addresses this question by the numbers, and Ian from Adventure Rules takes a look at it from an angle of accessibilityand difficulty.

From retro-game aficionados, I often hear that games were much better way back in yesteryear. There wasn’t as much shovel-ware. Games were made for gamers to have fun, not for a company to make money. You could just pick up a controller and play, without having a tutorial shoved down your throat. And the games were amazing and stand the test of time.

Image result for skeptical meme

To look at this a different way, games “back then”…

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