Roll With It!

Scriv the Bard

You’ve done it!!

You’ve spent hours, days, weeks even, preparing for your campaign. You’ve created an intricate story to seduce your players with the promise of adventure. You’ve developed lively towns and masterfully-written NPCs with motivations and objectives of their own. Every clue, hook, and plotline is detailed in your notes. You’re ready, from the igniting of the first quest through to that climactic battle with the most evil of villains.

Finally, you begin your game. The party has gathered around you, faces shining with excitement and anticipation for the tale you have toiled over for so long…

…and they do something completely different.

This is probably the most common issue that every DM will face at some point…especially when you are running a game for kids! Is it frustrating? Sure. Disheartening? It can be. Is it the end of the world? Have you failed as a DM? Is it…

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