The Dark Caverns of Turr

Dyson's Dodecahedron

A warren of small chambers, passages, and natural caves, the Dark Caverns of Turr were once a set of dwarven mines of the famously unstable Darkshoe clan. But then one day the Darkshoe dwarves picked up and left, locking most of the doors behind them. In the years since, creatures have crawled up from the darker caves below and others have moved in from the surface, and the caverns now contain a veritable Gygaxian collection of creatures that try to live together.

The Dark Caverns of Turr The Dark Caverns of Turr

There are three entrances into the warrens.

  • The “front door” over to the far right of the map that leads into the original Darkshoe clan hall.
  • The “back door” over to the left that leads into the deeper caves.
  • The “stone stairs” very near the back door that lead down into the “glittering gallery” that come down from a secret cleft in the…

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