From the DM’s Chair: Session 11,Cinder’s Grove


Dungeons are all well and good in a D&D campaign, but what happens when your party aren’t out adventuring? They’ll need a place to go shopping for supplies, interact with NPCs and find work from rich investors. All of these things are possible in your campaign’s towns, settlements where your players can delve into their local community and soak up some of the flavour.

Maybe, they might even find a place amongst the common people.

Welcome to From the DM’s Chair, I’m Shadowonthewall, and today, we’ll be talking about the eleventh session of my D&D campaign: Dorvine, and the lessons I learned whilst running it. This week, we’ll be looking at random encounters, town generating and the beauty of cliff-hangers. My drunk little garrison of players are as follows:

KassadinDion is Kassadin Lightfade, the Neutral Evil Tiefling Fighter.

Granny MegsJoey is Granny Megs, the Neutral Evil Night-Hag Warlock.

39203099_205807576954643_2187798607632007168_nLukas is Teoku…

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