Tools of the Trade

Scriv the Bard

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized I have a thing for “kits”. It’s oddly satisfying, gathering a collection of carefully curated items that share a common purpose…whether it’s your camping gear, a first-aid kit, your go-to stash of snacks and sweets you keep in your desk drawer at work (I know I’m not the only one), but even more important than chocolate…your D&D Kit!

I’ve had a handful of people ask about what I keep behind the screen and what tools are in my DM’s survival kit. So, here it is!

WAIT! Before you keep reading, I just want to say that, while there are a lot of commonalities in different DMs’ gear of choice, there is no right or wrong way to prep. It is completely dependent on your own process. Some people like going paperless with their notes and work off a laptop or tablet, I go old…

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