The Kobold Docks

Dyson's Dodecahedron

Along the western jetties and piers of the city are the Kobold Docks, a moderately large wooden pier where boats can be purchased or rented from Jotel Vuzen, a “sahuagin out of water” if you will. Jotel acts as the agent for a few shipwrights and Xughon Belpar, a pirate who acquires his trade goods in an entirely illegal manner.

The Kobold Docks The Kobold Docks

Generally Jotel has d3+1 smaller boats at the pier, and 1d3-2 larger craft in the harbour. He also often has a few smaller stolen goods in his tent on the pier that he sells on commission for Xughon, mixed in with the various apothecary goods that his elven wife Phyehni collects and sells.

Of course, with all these goods of questionable provenance moving through this area, any time that player characters find themselves buying something here there’s the off chance that they will get caught up in some other drama…

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