A week in MMO gaming


So what does a week look like for me as a multi-MMO gamer? Following on from a non-gaming Q&A post, I thought with this post I’d give a gaming update, with the aim that it shows the sort of mix of gaming I squeeze into a week.

World of Warcraft
While the new expansion feeling still holds I’m playing WoW regularly with my husband and with other friends as well. We played pretty intensively in August and the earlier part of this month. Sessions are a mix of dungeon runs with friends/guild-mates and group questing. Since our main characters are max level that could be running the daily world quests for the emissary reward, doing world bosses or the newish Warfronts. We’ve also been levelling a second pair of Horde characters, currently through Draenor, to have some more trinity-role alternative options for the Horde quartet we have playing through…

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