Raids week 91

Micki's Delirium

Last week Saturday we started with Baba’s as we usually do. I don’t remember now if Osi posted or if I did, but I logged on Cerge only to change to Thaz when we decided to do EE. Ekefen joined to tank for us, I attempted to split the party somewhat. I tried to assign a tank and make sure we had a puzzler on each side. I went right as I usually do and noticed that my side only had me as an insta killed for totems while the left side had at least two (Osi and Upload). Still, we were about as fast taking out totems and when it came to puzzles my side had about 3 puzzlers. Running through the hut and then getting to the end fight taking out wisps and things were going really well until the shamblers spawned. For some unknown reason one of…

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