Skeleton of the Gilded Cage

Dyson's Dodecahedron

A ghost ship haunts the waters out around the Charred Reef. She’s so old that all that remains is her frame and the golden “cage” she carried on her deck. She appears out of the fog along Charred Reef on nights when there is no more than single ship or boat to sight her, slides along silently on the top of the water, and her disappearance back into the night always presages a violent storm.

Skeleton of the Gilded Cage Skeleton of the Gilded Cage

Within the gilded cage is a potent banshee, the long dead elven sorceress who was within the cage when the ship sank who knows how long ago. The golden cage she is trapped within also changes her song – instead of wailing in eternal agony, to those outside the cage she seems to be singing a long lamentful song.

Entering the golden cage can be achieved through partially collapsed stairs…

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