It’s Two Kinds of Magic

Return to House of Grouse

So let me introduce you to one of my three mains. Grousemerlin Level 20 air savant with 12 past class lives and two racial which I will explain in a moment. He has taken water as his secondary element which means I get both feather fall from his air savant and water breathing from the points spent in the secondary element tree. If helps no end as I don’t need to switch items in and out or tie up a wearable item to gain the ability. It makes such a difference especially when I forget that I haven’t switched in the feather fall item a second before I go splat.

ScreenShot00000 Not bad, plenty of electric.

Now Merlin has taken a +5 tome of supreme ability which means added to a 36 point build he has become potent and could easily switch to other classes which helped no end with the…

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