Of Dysons and Doodles

Dyson's Dodecahedron

A few years ago I tried to take on #Inktober (or was it #Drawlloween?) with sharpies and pens and managed to get partway through the month before other things interfered. Last year I decided to map my way through Inktober & Mapvember (61 maps in 61 days – that’s a hefty chunk of the 150-170 maps I draw every year!).

So I bought some new sharpie markers (because I really like the freedom that comes with a fat black free-flowing marker) and decided I’d try drawing something, ANYTHING, every day. It started simple, with elements from the various games I was playing in (my cleric in the Monday Labyrinth Lord game I’m in runs an undead horse driven coach line, and my priest in the Tuesday NeoClassical Geek Revival game was talking about the might and majesty of Crom).

It didn’t take long (four days?) before I was adding detail…

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