Scriv’s Scribbler’s Character Sheet!

Scriv the Bard

Hey there, Scribblers! In case you missed it at the end of Tools of the Trade, I wanted to share the Beginner’s Character Sheet in a separate post, for easy access!

As I mentioned before, this a simplified version of the 5e character sheet, perfect for new players! To be honest, I would have preferred something like this for my first D&D experience…that full 5e sheet can be intimidating for kids and adults alike! Feel free to check it out and use it at home…I have both the letter size and A4 size for my fellow UK gamers! I also included a sample of what it should look like all filled out.

Some additional notes:

The focus of the sheet is the basic ability scores but it leaves plenty of space for customization of the PC beyond the numbers.

I encourage starting with the back page, with the four…

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