Raids week 92

Micki's Delirium

Last week when I logged on for raids Osi had an almost full party waiting for me. Titus wanted to try tanking in Baba, and we stepped in on R1 (in fact someone chose it before I could get the party to say which diff they wanted). By 10 past 9 pm we were already in but spent a few extra minutes organising the party. My side ended up with a few puzzlers, and it seemed like we had different ways of doing them so I attempted to do it the way they did and got confused, which made the puzzling take a bit longer. Over all the puzzles went well, and we had very few deaths until the end fight. As we step out to the end fight area, I get insta killed by a wisp as I’m typing instructions. I wait out the death timer, get a raise…

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