50 Arcade Games You Need To Play Before You Die

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If you’re a gamer worth your salt, then your love affair with video games probably started at the arcade. For hours and hours of your childhood, you spent your time hunched over the latest titles, inserting coins like it was going out of fashion.

But which games were the best? Here’s our list of the 50 Arcade Games You Need to Play Before You Die


THE 1970’S

PONG (ATARI, 1972)


Pong is one of the earliest examples of an arcade video game in existence. It seems incredibly basic by today’s standards, in fact, it looked old only a decade later, but it is an essential experience for any and all gamers worth their salt.

Chances are, you won’t get to play an original arcade stack of this these days, but there are tons of new versions that recreate the simple but addictive magic of Atari’s 1972 classic.


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