Grease Lightning

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So GrouseMerlin Air Savant is pretty focused in delivering maximum possible damage without taking any metafeats like maximise, in fact the only metafeat I take is eschew materials. Which may seems strange but the number of times I have run out of ingredients for spells at inopportune times. However everyone will find their own choices in terms of meatfeats. This blog piece is focusing on level 20 damage in Reaver’s Refuge, I have almost finished the 7500 slays so staying there till I do.

What I want to focus is the 5 main spells that I use in combat, which are lightning bolt, ball lightning, chain lightning, electric loop and Greater Shout. Remembering Merlin’s past lives very few mobs can resist the electric spells and if they can then Great Shout is surprisingly effective. Of course my secondary magic is water based which gives me some options in a worse…

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