What is Your Spookiest Video Game Moment?

That Green Dude

It’s October, otherwise known as the “spooky” month. I thought as a way to celebrate the month of fright that I would ask a scary-themed question. I could have asked what is your favourite horror film or horror icon but I feel as though these questions are asked a lot during the Halloween season.

My blog/ site is primarily about video games so I’ve come up with a scary-themed video game related question. Here is the question:

What is your spookiest video game moment?

what is your spookiest video game moment thumbnail

There are so many video games that have genuinely spooky or terrifying moments that it’s hard to decide which one is the scariest. I’ve asked this question because people often ask, “what is the scariest game you have played?”. It’s not often that people get asked for one specific moment and I thought asking this question could result in some very interesting answers.

My answer:


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