Otherthan: Why I Chose Barbarian as my First Ever Character

Daniel Casey

The Barbarian Sophisticate?

When most players think of a barbarian, the conjure an image of some sort of wild man perhaps tribal, often tattooed, and frequently covered in furs or pelts wield a rough looking ax or Ice Age spear.

barbarianNo matter the race, a barbarian is nearly always some kind of uncivilized brute existing in the wild. They worship bizarre and often violent gods. They are rarely intelligent or, rather, are given some kind of feral wisdom within Nature. A barbarian is always other.

And this makes sense, historically. Or, at least, from a certain point of view…

James Haeck’s Barbarian 101 is a great start to get a sense of the traditional barbarian class character. When I made my first ever character to play, the half-orc Cade Talar, I used Haeck’s guide. But like many and most of us, it never really thinks about what it means…

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