Prince’s Harbour – Map 1

Dyson's Dodecahedron

Prince’s Harbour is a small bay along the Flindhome River long ago wrestled from control of the local humanoids and now slowly being converted into agricultural land. The community of Prince’s Harbour is self-reliant and independent – a collection of small “outpost” farmers, woodsmen, miners and so on built up around the small community of Prince’s Harbour itself.

Prince's Harbour - Map 1 Prince’s Harbour – Map 1

This map focuses on a small forested area to the southwest of the community proper and is considered to most to be the furthest point that is still “Prince’s Harbour” instead of the old Flindlands. A small gold mine along the Gnoll’s Ear river is the anchor to this area, with a few supporting farms around it. The road to the east eventually leads to the community proper.

Prince's Harbour - Map 1 (no hexes) Prince’s Harbour – Map 1 (no hexes)

Adventurers are most likely to be interested in this area because the…

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