Not the end, only the beginning

Later Levels

You know that saying about it being the journey which is important rather than the destination? It can be rather fittingly applied to video games, particularly when you consider a large open-world RPG or similar title. That end cutscene is a reward for the all the hours you spent questing, grinding and gathering resources over the past couple of months; and if the road to get there wasn’t enjoyable, there’s a chance you won’t persevere to see those final moments.

But perhaps endings are more important to us now than they used to be. Back in the distant past when technology was nowhere near what it is today, all most games offered you was a ‘congratulations’ text screen for your hard work and sometimes an offer to replay. Take Ghosts’n Goblins as an example, recently written about by TJGamingNerd: after completing it once, you’re told the room is an…

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