The Cursed Galleries

Dyson's Dodecahedron

Supposedly once home to a demented prince of alien demons, the walls of the cursed galleries are decorated in mad texts painted in bold black on every available inch. These texts speak of other worlds, demonic powers, and foul creatures from “beyond the veil”.

The Cursed Galleries The Cursed Galleries

The galleries are beneath the Benmiria Academy of the Arcane, and are not only locked, but boarded shut. Those who try to study the walls often awaken somewhere else with no memories of the intervening time – somehow controlled or possessed by the texts they read, or if one experiment is to be believed, by either the galleries themselves or something foul still within them.

But when the diabolist arrived in Northvale and summoned the demon Xag’tharon to destroy the king’s armies, sages noted Xag’tharon is one of several demons who’s names are known to the Benmirian archives. And the locked texts of course…

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