Raids week 94

Micki's Delirium


Last week on Saturday I logged at about 5 past 9 pm my time and this time Osi didn’t have a full party yet. I don’t remember if he put an lfm up or not, but the raid party quickly filled with people from Phoenix Clan (our guild), Soko Irrlicht and a few friends/ regulars. I said something like “we’re an LH party, no?” (because of no tank) and we stepped in on LH. I also decided I wanted to go left in the split, and Osi told us it was a random split. This week I finally got enough screenshots of inside the hut, to puzzle together an inside hut map picture for wiki. The first run through Fleea was doing puzzles left, with me attempting to help. Second run through Gaijya joined us left and did puzzles with Fleea, while Osi was left to deal with…

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