Children of the Realm: Child Characters for Dungeons & Dragons

Daniel Casey

Children of the Realm

When I wrote and DM-ed my first ever campaign last year, I created an NPC name Wand. No more than 10 years old, Wand was a street kid who had stumbled upon a Wand of Wonder as little child (hence earning their name), became intrigued by magic, and began to steal bits of wizard books and eavesdrop on them to learn spells. My campaign was set on the continent of Osse, so I made Wand a native Osselander and, unwilling to pick a gender, decide they were nonbinary. I loved Wand, writing pages of backstory and crafting adventures the party could run thanks to them.

9a4da817eafdb1b232dd0d2e6c77053eHowever, Wand never really got the attention I thought they deserved by the group. Wand was a fun build and got me thinking about using children in Dungeons & Dragons not just as NPCs but as player characters. The easiest route…

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