Downtime in MMOs


I was thinking about down-time in dungeons within MMORPGs recently, or the lack thereof. It’s just not a thing any more in most games that your character needs any rest after fights, even after a boss. At the start of Battle for Azeroth on my Shaman or Priest I was finding that mana was a bit of an issue after any large group of trash mobs, boss fights were likely to use most of my mana if I didn’t risk running out. Very quickly into the expansion, however, gear upgrades negated all that again, we are back to the new-normal that mana isn’t really an issue.

Although I have no interest in mythic+ dungeon running, it appears that it is popular enough if guild chat is anything to go by. The speed-running element of these means that any attempts to re-introduce a more varied or measured pacing to dungeons would…

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