Well of the Wyrm

Dyson's Dodecahedron

The lair of Qiroi, scaled wyrm of the Red Fjords, is far from secret. The rocks for a mile around are burned free of all plantlife, the waters tainted, the skies quiet. The entrance to the old dungeons beneath the ruins of Caenleigh Hold are clearly marked with his spoor and shed scales. And within the dungeons you can hear the serpentine slithering of the long monstrous dragon.

Well of the Wyrm

But Qiroi is no fool or beastial dragon. The sounds and movement within the dungeons east of the entrance cave are those of illusions planted to lure the unwary. For Quiroi lives beneath the dungeon, in a set of chambers reached through the river that feeds the ancient Caenleigh well.

Well of the Wyrm (B&W) Well of the Wyrm (B&W)

But he is still a dragon, and has little patience for interlopers and would-be dragon hunters. He uses the illusions and distractions to…

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