Return to House of Grouse

So been running quests, killing a character off so I could get Iconic characters all in the name of getting images of the various cloaks, just to put on a little fashion show. Not quite the one in the Harbour quest but it will do. I would apologise for the poor lighting in some of the images, I need to be more attentive to the light for images. Lets start with the different cloaks for the Iconics.

So some of the quest chains have named cloaks as end rewards. Nowhere near all of them, in fact barely any but it is a start.

And finally just some randoms.

And this is just a handful of the cloaks in game, so some developer has probably gone cross eyed putting this lot together. I have 6 mirrors of glamouring so will be taking a couple to make my mains look good.


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